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Wonderful Reviews keep us Inspired.

It's wonderful reviews like this, that keep us inspired. Thank you Andre Jordaan "I'm 30 years old, had a total hip replacement!! I had perthes from 8 years old so couldn't do much. 6 weeks after the replacement I played my first round of golf.. I do waterski, ride extreme enduro bikes and can even jog without any pain. Its been a year now and my life has changed for the better... Thank you Dr. Callie Ackermann you did a flawless procedure. Would definitely recommend Dr. Ackermann for any age.. Thank you" Here at my practise we specialise in sports injuries and sport related complications. Being an avid windsurfer myself, I understand how important my joints are to me in keeping myself enjoying the sport that I love. For more information on sports related injuries visit us here: Office line | +27 (0)21 554 2389 Email | Website |

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