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Message from ZB Edge Clinical & Robotic Business Developer EMEA

Dear Dr. Ackermann, After my visit to you, I heard from the South African sales team very positive feedback about the use of ROSA in your hospital. It’s a big pleasure to notice that you are taking up the technology very quickly in your practice. As being an expert in robotic knee surgery, I’m privileged to work with many surgeons across the EMEA region. I’m impressed with the level of expertise and I love the open attitude during the many discussions I had with you. It’s clear that the balancing technique you are using is predominant for a successful knee and you master this perfectly. I’m sure your patients will benefit from this new method and you will be able to further reduce the small amount of not completely satisfied patients.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and the team again in the future. Many greetings from Belgium. Kind regards, Simon Plasman ZB Edge Clinical & Robotic Business Developer EMEA For more information on this groundbreaking surgery visit us here: Office line | +27 (0)21 554 2389 Email | Website |

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