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Dr. CW Ackermann
Orthopaedic Surgeon 

Knee Specialist Cape town

Dr Ackermann is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and specialist. He is the Best Hip and Knee Surgeon in Cape town, South Africa. His place of work and practice is at blaauwberg hospital in Cape town, Western Cape. Knee Procedures

Peri-Prosthetic Knee Fracture Surgery

Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a surgical intervention aimed at addressing worn-out or damaged surfaces within the knee joint by replacing them with artificial implants. While knee replacement generally yields positive outcomes, complications such as periprosthetic knee fractures can arise. These fractures occur either during the surgical procedure (intraoperative) or following surgery (postoperative) and typically affect the patella, tibia, or femur (kneecap, shinbone, or thighbone).

Managing periprosthetic fractures presents a notable challenge, primarily due to the demographic profile of affected patients, who often present with advanced age, osteoporosis, or other underlying medical conditions that may compromise bone integrity and healing capacity.

Dr. CW Ackermann plays a pivotal role in guiding patients through the diagnosis and management of periprosthetic knee fractures. Through comprehensive evaluation and discussion, Dr. Ackermann ensures that patients are fully informed about their condition and the available treatment options. This personalised approach empowers patients to make well-informed decisions regarding their orthopaedic care, ultimately optimising their health and well-being.

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