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Dr. CW Ackermann
Orthopaedic Surgeon 

Hip Specialist Cape town
Dr Ackermann is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and specialist. He is the Best Hip and Knee Surgeon in Cape town, South Africa. His place of work and practice is at blaauwberg hospital in Cape town, Western Cape. Hip Procedures
Total Hip Replacement

If a patient's hip has been damaged by arthritis, a fracture (a break in the bone), or other conditions, common activities such as walking or getting in and out of a chair may be painful and difficult. The hip may be stiff, making it hard to put on shoes and socks, and discomfort may persist even while resting. These symptoms can significantly impact the patient's quality of life, limiting their ability to perform daily tasks and enjoy activities they once did effortlessly.

When medications, lifestyle changes, and the use of walking aids do not adequately alleviate the symptoms, the patient might consider total hip replacement surgery. Total hip replacement is a safe and effective procedure that can relieve pain, increase range of motion, and help patients return to enjoying normal, everyday activities. It is designed to restore the function of the hip joint, allowing patients to move more freely and with less discomfort.

Total hip replacement surgery is one of the most successful operations in all of medicine. Since the early 1960s, advancements in joint replacement surgical techniques and technology have significantly improved the outcomes of total hip replacement. The high volume of successful total hip replacements underscores the procedure's reliability and the benefits it offers to patients suffering from severe hip pain and dysfunction.

In a total hip replacement, also known as total hip arthroplasty, the damaged bone and cartilage are removed and replaced with prosthetic components.

Dr. CW Ackermann explains the patient's diagnosis comprehensively and discusses potential procedures or management solutions. This ensures that the patient is well-informed about their condition and the available treatment options, enabling them to make the best decisions for their health and well-being. By understanding the intricacies of their hip condition and the benefits of total hip replacement, patients can approach the decision-making process with confidence and clarity, knowing that they have the information needed to improve their quality of life.

For more detailed information, please view the attached articles. Our team of specialists are ready to help you find the best solution.

Acetabular fractures


Acetabular fractures, although uncommon, involve breaks in the socket of the hip joint. Typically resulting from high-energy events like car accidents, they may also occur from low-energy incidents, particularly in older individuals. Treatment often requires surgery to restore hip anatomy and stabilise the joint. Click here to learn more about Acetabular Fractures.

Rehabilitation Guidelines For Hip Procedures

When it comes to rehabilitation, this process is just as important as the actual procedure. Paying close attention to your recovery process and ensuring you follow all post-procedure guidelines is crucial. Click here to learn more about the Rehabilitation Guidelines for Hip Procedures.

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